Mapping without a map: Exploring the UK business landscape using unsupervised learning

Published:, 2017

Recommended citation: Stathoulopoulos, Kostas, and Juan Mateos-Garcia. 2017. “Mapping Without a Map: Exploring the UK Business Landscape Using Unsupervised Learning.” SocArXiv. November 24. doi:10.31235/

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Policy interventions have to be timely and tailored to specific sectors of the economic ecosystem to maximise their potential impact. We propose a system based on open data that offers policy makers two capabilities. First, it enables them to explore the digital and tech company space with high granularity through keywords, specific technologies or company names, and identify relevant organisations and those most similar to them. Second, it provides an overview of the ecosystem by creating thematic topics that characterise the activities of these companies. We demonstrate the effectiveness of this system in three activity areas not currently captured in the SIC codes.