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Links, trade and AI: An analysis of the informal knowledge network in Sub-Saharan Africa

8 minute read


Digital and physical connectivity are often framed as catalysts for a prosperous knowledge economy. The rapid adoption of mobile phones and the Internet in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) brought excitement for an information revolution that would boost the knowledge economy, connect the region with the rest of the world and provide sustainable, independent growth.

What I learned during the IC2S2

11 minute read


This year’s IC2S2 was held in the mostly sunny Amsterdam. Being my first time at a Computational Social Science conference, I decided to write down my thoughts and a tweet-length gist for most of the talks I attended.


Practical tutorial on autoencoders for nonlinear feature fusion (Part 3)

5 minute read


The previous posts on autoencoders described their structure, possible variations and which of them are useful in feature fusion. The last post on this topic compares them to other techniques and summarises some things a developer should consider when designing a model.

A Few Useful Things to Know about Machine Learning

4 minute read


Today’s paper discusses few things that machine learning practitioners and researchers should know before getting their hands dirty. The paper focuses on classification tasks and describes common pitfalls, key concepts and provides answers to frequently asked questions.